BLM is galloping ahead with its wild horse roundup schedule, despite overwhelming public opposition and the request by 54 members of Congress to halt the mustang captures. Among those targeted: the famed wild horses of Adobe Town in the pristine Red Desert region of south/central Wyoming. .Beginning in October, BLM intends to round up — via helicopter stampede — 1,951 wild horses, or 80 percent of the estimated mustang population living in the Adobe Town Herd Management Area (HMA) and the adjacent Salt Wells Creek HMA. Nearly 1,600 of these wild horses will be permanently removed. BLM claims that this vast, 1.7 million acre range can support no more 610-800 adult horses in Adobe Town and 251-365 in Salt Wells Creek. Meanwhile the agency allocates more resources within this public lands area to privately-owned livestock than to our federally-protected wild horses.

Obama Administration Assault On Wild Horses
Calico Complex Roundup, Dec. 28 thru Feb 2010




Over one hundred years of wild horse headlinesClick on the corresponding century or decade to readroundup1900
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Red Horse drawing, 1881, National Anthropological Archives                1800’s


Wild Horse roundup, NV

When Oct 1 – 14 2009       Where NV Caliante complex HMA (map)Description  NV BLM Caliante complex HMA roundup dates 10/1/09-10/14/09 # Planned Gathered 278 Horses # Planned Gathered 278 Horses

Wild horse roundup UT

WhenOct 1 – 4 2009 WhereUT Onaqui HMA (map)DescriptionUT Onaqui HMA roundup dates 10/1/09-10/4/09 # Planned Gathered 200 Horses # Planned Removed 150 Horses

Burro roundup, AZ (closing date 9/30/2010)
  WhenThursday, Oct 1, 2009
WhereLake Pleasant HMA (map)DescriptionAZ Lake Pleasant HMA roundup dates 10/1/09-9/30/10 # Planned Gathered 30 Burros # Planned Gathered 30 Burros
Burro Roundup, AZ (closing date 9/30/2010) WhenThursday, Oct 1, 2009WhereNuisance AZ (map)DescriptionState, AZ- Herd Management Area, Nuisance- Start Date-End Date 10/1/09-9/30/10 Planned Gathered 45 Burros Planned Removed 45 Burros
BLM Roundup Idaho WhenOct 6 – 10 2009

WhereSand’s Basin and Four Mile herds (map)

DescriptionGathers are planned in Idaho starting Oct 6-13th. The herds concerned are the Sand’s Basin and Four Mile herds. They will be removing approximately 206 horses. Once they have done that they will be returning only horses to meet with the AMLs. Sand’s Basin only allows for 37-60 and Four Mile allows 33-64. As we all know this is not nearly enough for genetic viability. No public attended the meting on the use of helicopters, so this is the method being used. They have limited the appeals to 30 days after the decision which is dated 9-11-2009, meaning any appeals must be filed no later than Oct. 11th. The decision can be viewed at — Idaho gather is scheduled for Oct 6-13 on both herds to remove 206 horses. They will be returning to AMLs of Sand’s Basin of 37-60 and Four Mile 33-64.

Wild Horse roundup, NV WhenOct 16 – 20 2009WhereNV Garfield Flats HMA (map)DescriptionNV BLM Garfield Flats HMA Roundup date 10/16/09-10/20/09 250 Horses 167 Horses
Wild Horse roundup, WY WhenOct 15 – 20 2009WhereWY McCullough Peaks HMA (map)DescriptionWY BLM McCullough Peaks HMA roundup dates 10/15/09-10/20/09 # Planned Gathered 211 Horses # Planned Removed 122 Horses
Tobin Range Roundup Nevada WhenOct 22 – Nov 3, 2009WhereTobin Range (map)Description The BLM plans on gathering horses on the Tobin Range, which included the Sonoma Herd Area, starting October 22, 2009. They will be gathering 450 horses, releasing 10 and removing 440. Unfortunately, the comment period ended Friday. The EA can be seen at No “official” record of decision is available yet. Total AML for the range is 22-42, well below genetic viability. There are cattle on this range. — Tobin Range gather in Nevada to start Oct 22. Proposed plan is to gather 450 horses, remove 440 and release 10.
Wild Horse roundup, WY WhenOct 21 – 28 2009WhereWY Fifteen Mile HMA (map)DescriptionWY BLM Fifteen Mile HMA roundup dates 10/21/09-10/28/09 # Planned Gathered333 Horses # Planned Removed 280 Horses
The following is subject to change.
 AZ BLM Black Mountain 3/15/10 3/20/10 100 100 BurrosState Agency Herd Management Area Complex Start Date End Date

NM BLM Bordo 6/1/10 6/10/10 147 147 Horses

NV BLM Owyhee 7/1/10 7/18/10 620 520 Horses

OR BLM Stinking Water 7/1/10 7/6/10 100 60 Horses

OR BLM Cold Springs 7/11/10 7/16/10 156 81 Horses

NV BLM Moria 7/20/10 7/22/10 72 72 Horses

UT BLM Winter Ridge HA 7/18/10 7/24/10 200 200 Horses

UT BLM Hill Creek HA 7/25/10 7/31/10 250 250 Horses

NV BLM Lahontan 8/1/10 9/30/10 68 58 Horses

NM FS Jicarilla 200 200 Horses


Piceance/East Douglas

HMA 8/6/10 8/16/10 280 240 Horses

CA FS Devils Garden 8/18/10 8/24/10 200 200 Horses

UT BLM Frisco 9/1/10 9/3/10 100 70 Horses

UT BLM Conger 9/4/10 9/8/10 110 80 Horses

CA BLM Twin Peaks 8/3/10 9/14/10 156 135 Burros

CA BLM Twin Peaks 8/3/10 9/14/10 1000 649 Horses

CA BLM Buckhorn 8/3/10 9/14/10 596 536 Horses

NV BLM Antelope 8/20/10 9/20/10 932 746 Horses

NV BLM Rock Creek 9/22/10 9/30/10 527 427 Horses

OR FS Murders Creek 9/22/10 9/28/10 100 100 Horses

Winter 8387 6972

Summer 6131 5071

Total 14,518 12,043


When BLM began the environmental planning process for this roundup, the agency received over 7,000 public comments opposing the Proposed Action. In an effort to avoid being “bombarded” with “frivolous” emails from the citizens who pay their salaries, officials in the BLM’s Rock Springs and Rawlins field offices have decided to prohibit email comments on the Environmental Assessment for this capture plan. But don’t let the BLM dissuade you from participating in our government!

New Pass/Ravenswood 12/6/10 – 1/19/11 405 100  Battle Mountain
 District Office, NV
Rocky Hills 12/6/10-1/19/11 132 33 Battle Mountain
 District Office, NV
Sulphur 12/8/10 – 12/16/10 200 30 Cedar City Field Office, UT
Bald Mountain 12/19/10 – 1/19/11 120 34  Battle Mountain
 District Office, NV
Callaghan 12/27/10 – 1/19/11 211 54  Battle Mountain
 District Office, NV
Bordo 1/1/11- 1/4/11 107 50 Socorro Field Office, NM
Chokecherry 1/1/11- 1/25/11 50 50 Ely District Office, NV
Mt. Elinor 1/1/11- 1/25/11 70 70 Ely District Office, NV
Eagle 1/1/11- 1/25/11 700 614 Ely District Office, NV 
Rocky Hills 1/6/11- 1/11/11 132 33  Battle Mountain District Office, NV
Antelope complex 1/20/11- 2/28/11 1792 1659 Ely/ElkoDistrict Office, NV
Augusta Mountain 1/26/11- 1/31/11 242 36 Winnemucca District Office, NV 
Clan Alpine 2/1/11- 2/19/11 700 105 Carson City District Office, NV


4 responses to “CAPTURES

  1. Press Release
    Please send on to all media outlets- full press release in downloadable form available here

    Return America’s Wild Horses to Their Rightful Ranges
    A Response to Secretary Salazar’s Plan for America’s Wild Horses and Burros
    On October 7, 2009, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced a new initiative for the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro program. The Secretary announced that this is a “national solution to restore the health of America’s wild horse herds and the rangelands that support them by creating a cost-efficient, sustainable management program that includes the possible creation of wild horse preserves on the productive grasslands of the Midwest and East.”[1]

    The Cloud Foundation is encouraged that the Interior Department realizes that there are problems with the management of wild horses on public lands by the Bureau of Land Management and is considering ways to improve the Wild Horse and Burro Program.
    However, the Cloud Foundation questions the need to develop seven new preserves in the mid-west and east (at an estimated initial cost of $96 million) when there are 19.4 million acres of designated wild horse and burro of rangelands that have been taken away from them since 1971. In just the past few weeks, 12 herds (620 horses) were zeroed out on an additional 1.4 million acres in Eastern Nevada. “It would seem that the best use of taxpayer dollars and the most humane plan for the nearly 32,000 wild horses in government holding[2] would be to return them to their native lands” says Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “These millions of acres were identified for use by wild horses and burros and these lands are already owned by the American public”.
    Rather than spending over thirty million dollars this fiscal year (October 1, 2009- September 30, 2010) to remove a record number (over 12,000 wild horses and burros) from the range, only legitimate emergency roundups and removals should be conducted. “The BLM continues to lead the public to believe that exploding populations of wild horses are causing degradation of the range and they must be removed before they all starve. This is without merit because wild horses and burros make up only a fraction of animals grazing the range, far greater damage is caused by the privately-owned cattle who outnumber the horses more than 100 to 1,” states Arizona advocate Julianne French.
    The intent of Congress’ 1971 Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act was not for wild horses to be corralled and penned. The clear intent was that the wild horses and burros be allowed to live on western rangelands designated primarily for their survival in self-sustaining populations. The BLM is not following the law in the management of America’s wild horses and burros.

    Initial Recommended Steps for the Management of America’s Wild Horses & Burros
    1) Cease all roundups until independent analysis can be made of each herd management area. Move forward only with emergency removals if deemed necessary by independent as well as BLM specialists.
    2) Return wild horses and burros in good health to the 20.8 million acres of public land designated primarily for their use in 1971 that has since been taken away from them. As per the ROAM Act (§1579): “ensure that, to the extent practicable, the acreage available for wild and free-roaming horses and burros shall never be less than the acreage where wild and free-roaming horses and burros were found in 1971.”
    3) Reanalyze appropriate management levels (AMLs) for herd management areas (HMAs). Currently only about 25% of wild horse and burro herds are genetically viable.[3] AMLs should not be reduced due to the private use of public lands for livestock grazing. Currently AML “is based on consideration of wildlife, permitted livestock, and wild horses and burros in the area.”[4] It is not cost-effective to remove wild horses from an HMA at a cost of $2600- over $3000 per individual removed in order to allow a cow/calf pair to graze for a payment of $1.36/month. Cattle, who originated in southeast Asia, damage the land to a far greater degree than wild horses, who are of North American origin.
    4) Congress should follow-up with hearings on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program as recommended by the Government Accounting Office (2008 report).

    Photos and more information available from:
    The Cloud Foundation

    Download the Press release and send on to your local media and national media sources – available online from the Cloud Foundation here


    [1] Department of Interior press release, 10/7/2009.
    [2] Nearly 32,000 wild horses are in holding as of 10/7/2009 according to BLM records. No independent inventory has been conducted and the truth of this number cannot be verified.
    [3] Genetically viable defined here as a population of horses 1 year and older that is at or above 150-200 individuals with a Ne (genetic effective number) of 50 or more. This is the bare minimum for genetic viability of wild horse and burro population. More information here.
    [4] According to Nevada BLM site, accessed 10/8/2009

    Our mailing address is:
    The Cloud Foundation 107 South 7th St Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    Our telephone:

  2. THE BLM ROUNDED UP THE LAST 6 BURROS IN MOJAVE DESERT; today there are NO known Burros in the Mojave desert’
    even though Deserts are KNOWN homelands of American Burros…aw

  3. I know Anna, there won’t be any wild horses in Nevada. They are almost gone. I am going to post the capture schedule for this year. Thank you for your comment. We have to keep at them before every single wild horse and burro are captured, living in long term holding or slaughtered.

  4. I am outraged at the governments cruel mismanagement of these and other beautiful wildlife. I am outraged that my tax dollars are being used for such cruelty. I am outraged that tax money is being so absurdly misused when it could be spent many times more efficiently. Obama needs to step up to the plate and govern as he promised–using the science–and his humanity!!!!

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