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Thursday, October 29, 2009

R.O.A.M. Act a Part & Parcel of Salazoo Plan

Read them together, the Salazoo Plan and the ROAM Act, and See how nicely it all ties in together. I am left wondering which came first, the “chicken” Pickin/Salazoo Plan or the “egg” of the ROAM Act? I am leaning towards believing that, because of the Pickins Plan Offer, that the Salazoo Plan came first and that the ROAM Act was designed to fit around it. How convienent for them that the FIRST thing the ROAM Act calls for is a removal of the statutory protections of the wild ones on their historic rangelands! Isnt that what the BLM has always wanted? The ROAM Act is designed NOT to the benefit of our WFH&B, no, NOT AT ALL, but soley to the benefit of the BLM! They will NOT have to maintain the WFH&B on their historic ranges (the BLM can have its land back!) but can place the wild equines anywhere they want under anybodies care, custody and control and sterilize them all at the same time to boot, and the beauty of it all for the BLM is that it wont cost them a dime of their regular expenditures!! The ROAM Act will create “new monies” for them to disburse for the creation of the Salazoos..What a sweet deal for the BLM, they get rid of the WFH&B off of their historic lands, shove them into “zoo-like” settings, sterilize them all and the taxpayers get to foot the $90M bill!



By Mustang  Jack

It appears that head of the BLM Ed Salazar the is now going move horses to attempt to create a smoke screen to hide horses in holding..Where Are They Now? is turning into …WHERE ARE THEY GOING??.

Well now that the hornets nest is stirred up and the hive is active lets really shake it up by pressuring for answers. Dont allow the BLM to slip them through the cracks because when the time comes and they open up to an audit it will take a lot longer for one to be conducted. That is precisely when the BLM will try to buy some more time. Salazar is more than likely scrambling horses to private ranches and make it essentially impossible to get them counted. A federal warrant will have to be sought in order to gain access to these properties and the horse will be hard to track after that. Once the horses are out of public holding facilities they will be easier to move with other livestock heading to slaughter.



Within the first mile of the chase;

Their resting heartbeats race from about 45 beats per minute to an overwhelming 200 bpm in just a matter of seconds. There blood pressure soars to an astounding 200/110
and higher..Their respiratory rate increases from 15 breaths per minute to a mind blowing 50-75 breaths per minute.

The second mile;

At this point of the horrific chase, their vascular system
are so overtasked and surging with blood they are about to explode.. Their lungs are screaming for more oxygen as they continue to try and escape the glass faced,steel predator.

The third mile;

Their vascular walls begin to weaken from the pressure exerted from within.Major blood vessels and capillaries rupture and begin to fill the spongy lung tissue. Some horses have already succumbed to the seemingly endless journey. Any foals in the herd will have long been separated and probably have died from exhaustion by now.The weakest of the herd will eventually succumb to exposure.

The last and final mile;

The chutes leading to the makeshift traps finally come into view of the helicopter pilot about as he skims over the dusty terrain kicking up prairie dust in the wake of the predators steely rotors. The end of this pilots days journey is near. The beginning of the horses nightmarish journey has just begun.

There are men spread out all around the traps.Some here and some there,stalking and crouching to not spook the incoming herd as they approach the chutes.

The scene is like something out of a movie that I have seen over and over again. Dust flying from the stampeding herd and the swirling vortex of dust kicked up from the chopper rotor makes it almost impossible to see or breathe.  This time its not a movie!

The horses file down the chute and into a penned arena. The men shut the chutes makeshift gate and the horses are now corralled. The round up team begins its processing.

I could literally feel the horses subdued sorrow and anguish among their exhausted appearance. They run frantically around and around looking for a breech in the walls of their prison. Perhaps a last ditch effort for them to regain the freedom that they will probably never see again.

The men on the other side of the walls slap their hats at them and poke and prods them to keep them back from trampling the soft sides of the pen.

CLOUD                                                  cloud


  Famous Cloud the Stallion Wild Herd still Suffering Damage from BLM Capture  

 While Americans on holiday, Labor Day weekend round up decimates herd as winter arrives 

LOVELL, WY –September 26, 2009 – On Saturday at noon, 57 wild horses from the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Herd, made famous in part by the PBS Nature documentaries, will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. A large crowd is expected due, in part, to the publicity surrounding the controversial roundup earlier this month.

While the missing members of their herd wait, tagged and branded in BLM holding pens, the damages of this poorly planned roundup are highly visible on the range.  Beyond leaving this unique wild horse herd seriously below genetic viability, the horses on the range are clearly damaged.

Federal Court Slaps the BLM –
Says Mustang Removal Illegal
A federal district court in Washington DC has granted a  Summary Judgment Motion Against Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar et al forbidding removal of the West Douglas Herd of Wild Mustangs from their range in Colorado. This could be huge for all mustangs.
In the case of Colorado Wild Horse and Burro Coalition vs Ken Salazar, Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior,  et al on August 5, 2009, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the United States District Court, District of Columbia, ruled as follows: “For reasons explained herein, the Court finds that BLM’s decision to remove the West Douglas Herd exceeds the scope of authority that Congress delegated to it in the Wild Horse Act. The Court will grant in part Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment, deny Defendants’ cross motion for summary judgment, and set aside BLM’s decision.”
In her ruling, Judge Collyer states, “It is a federal crime to remove a wild free-roaming horse or burro from public lands, convert a wild free-roaming horse or burro to private use, or kill or harass a wild free-roaming horse or burro. Congress delegated to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of the Interior jurisdiction over all wild free-roaming horses and burros ‘for the purpose of management and protection in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.’”
In other words, a federal court has found the BLM in violation of the very law they were appointed to enforce. A lot of folks have been saying that for a long time and now the point has finally gotten before a federal court and there is a ruling. This is huge.
As you probably know we’ve been on a mission to bring these BLM violations of the 1971 Wild Horse act to light. The act states that wild free-roaming horses and burros will have approximately 52 million acres of land “which is devoted principally to their welfare.” But that land has been arbitrarily reduced by approximately 36%, and 95% of the balance has been leased to cattle and sheep ranchers for livestock grazing. The horses and burros are outnumbered 150-to-1 by cattle and sheep on lands that are supposed to be “devoted principally to their welfare.” Consequently America’s mustangs are in serious danger of extinction.
There are approximately 60,000 still-wild mustangs in existence, roughly the same number as in the early ‘70s. But 33,000 of that 60,000 have been gathered out of the wild and are in BLM holding facilities across the country. And those that remain in the wild are living below viable levels, which simply put means below the number that must be available for breeding to keep the horse from not being forced into incest for the species to attempt to survive.
To my knowledge, this ruling on the Colorado herd is the first ever that addresses the BLM’s illegal actions against the wild horses. It could be the beginning of a new day for this icon of the American west.
To read the entire ruling (and it’s a fun read because the judge really nails the actions of the BLM):
http://www.thesoulofahorse.com/PDF Files/JudgeCollyerAugust5-2009Opinion.pdf