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Ken Salazar Secretary of the BLM’s Resignation








A moratorium that has been submitted by a few experienced wild horse advocates is very good and it covers a lot of what the American public feel. However, what is going on with our wild horse herds is a mystery within a mystery. The deeper we delve into questioning the BLM’s integrity, if there is any, more mysteries emerge.    I truly believe that if advocates with real zeal and fortitude want to set forth a plan to bring the BLM to justice, we will have to accumulate enough credible reasoning as to why we want the round ups stopped. Not just because we feel it is a detriment the herds viability or because we read that somewhere from some archaic resource pool…but because we have reasonable belief that the DOI/BLM are indeed abusing their authority to manipulate and decimate herds since the inception of the Wild Horse Act of 1971. The authority that was given to the BLM which has been so abused, no longer protects,sustains and maintains wild horse herds throughout the United States. In fact! The DOI/BLM has become the wild horse species deadliest enemy!    Although there is much truth in an article “Stampede Into Oblivion” the BLM has to be made to put forth their scientific formulas that show they are managing the horses in such a way that is truly conducive for the future viability of the species.   In my experience they (BLM) has never shown anything tangible that proves that their methodology for wild horse management really works to a degree of plus or minus. They have decimated herd functionability among itself and their respective ecosystems. The BLM has and is purposefully ridding the wild horses from the rangelands for profit and politics.   In my opinion I believe that if we want the wild horse roundups to cease we have to submit a moratorium with foundational doubt. We have to boldly implore the BLM to rectify the need for wild horse management in a time when the species is genetically being cleansed from the rangelands forever.    Just my opinion…Mustang Jack


5 responses to “DISAPPEARING

  1. Beautiful picture. Sad situation. And I don’t DARE get started on helicopter roundups. Absolutely should NOT be legal.

  2. I, too, want a moratorium on wild horse round-ups.

  3. Why is it that the horses can’t be left alone? This land is theirs, has been set aside for them by our own government for crying out loud. I’d really like to know the people behind all of this crap and why they are really doing this. All I can think of is, it’s all about lining their pockets with $$$. Why aren’t police doing their job and arresting these law breakers? What is it going to take, citizens to come together and fight for justice? For crying out loud, what is happening to our country? Government is corrupt! I pray that these law breakers of God, our Holy Father, begin to understnd that life is a gift. It is not to be abused. He did not put these horses here on earth for us to mistreat. BLM, you better change your ways before it’s too late. Your judgement day will come and I pray it is soon.

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